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The Poetry of Austin Grant

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The Poetry of James Allen Dennis, Jr.

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The Poetry of James Allen Dennis, Jr.


My Treasure

  Let me see it,
Your Purity,Your Independence.
Bring it to me,
Your Poise, Your Beauty.
Let me touch it,
Your Face, Your Mind.
Let me hold it,
Your Hand, Your Desire.
Let me love it,
Your Warmth, Your Dedication.
Let me win it,
Your Tenderness, Your Affection.
Trust me with it,
Your Honor, Your Heart.
Let me protect it,
Your Love ... Your Life.

James Allen Dennis, Jr
Copyright ©2002 James Allen Dennis, Jr




The Poetry of James Allen Dennis, Jr


Our Comfort

  To all the dreamers like me...
Hold on to your dreams, never let them go,
Even if they're touched by sorrow;
For today they may seem quite far away,
But your dreams may come true tomorrow.

A dream is a wonderful thing to believe:
Full of goals and admiration.
Without their drive, desire, and living need,
We'd be doomed to condemnation.

For a dream is the drive to conquer the odds;
The power to fly the skies.
It's the desire to search for better things;
A spark that lights the eyes.

Without our dreams to give us hope,
We'd shrivel and waste away.
So keep your dreams close to your heart
And they'll comfort you day to day.

James Allen Dennis, Jr.
Copyright ©2002 James Allen Dennis, Jr.